About Us



For three decades, Oceanpearl has remained an unwavering cornerstone in the dynamic world of seafood sourcing. Headquartered in the vibrant coastal city of Kochi, Kerala, our journey has been one of dedication, expertise, and a profound commitment to excellence. With a legacy spanning 22 years, Oceanpearl has emerged as a trusted name in the seafood industry, renowned for its impeccable sourcing, global network, and unwavering focus on quality.

wo we are


Since our inception, Oceanpearl has been a steadfast partner to both buyers and sellers, bridging the gap between oceans and tables. With deep-rooted experience, we have honed our skills to navigate the ever-evolving currents of the seafood market. Our 22-year journey is a testament to our resilience, adaptability, and continuous pursuit of excellence.



Oceanpearl's influence extends far beyond the shores of Kochi. Our expansive network encompasses buyers, sellers, and logistics partners from all corners of the globe. This well-established network enables us to seamlessly connect supply with demand, ensuring a steady flow of high-quality seafood products to markets worldwide. Through strategic relationships, we bring the world's oceans to your doorstep.

The Expert


Oceanpearl takes pride in its team of seasoned seafood experts. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the industry, our experts specialize in every facet of the seafood journey. From sourcing to quality checking, processing to logistics, and export-import management, our team's collective expertise ensures that each step of the process is executed with precision and dedication.

Our team comprises individuals from the coastal areas of Kerala, India who are not only skilled professionals but also passionate about the ocean's bounty. They bring their unwavering commitment, extensive knowledge, and an unyielding drive for excellence to every task. With their combined efforts, Oceanpearl is equipped to provide unparalleled service, reliability, and results.

Stringent Quality Measures

At Oceanpearl, trust is the foundation upon which our success rests. We recognize and honour the faith our customers place in us. To reciprocate this trust, we adhere to the strictest quality measures at every stage of the sourcing process. From the moment our seafood is harvested to its final journey to your plate, our experts meticulously inspect, assess, and ensure that only the finest products meet our rigorous standards.



Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We believe in building lasting partnerships founded on transparency, reliability, and mutual success. With Oceanpearl as your seafood sourcing agent, you gain a dedicated ally committed to understanding your unique needs, anticipating market trends, and tailoring solutions that drive your business forward.

A Vision for


As we celebrate our 22th year in the industry, Oceanpearl's vision remains as vibrant as ever. We aspire to continue pioneering innovative approaches to seafood sourcing, enhancing our global network, and setting new benchmarks for quality and reliability. With every passing year, we renew our commitment to providing seafood that delights palates, enriches lives, and embodies the essence of the world's oceans.

Join Us in the


We invite you to join us in our journey across oceans, cultures, and flavours. Whether you're a discerning buyer seeking premium seafood or a passionate seller looking to share your bounty with the world, Oceanpearl is your trusted partner. With 22 years of excellence behind us and a world of possibilities ahead, we are ready to chart a course to a seafood-filled future together.



Market Intelligence

OceanPearl specializes in gathering and analysing comprehensive market intelligence related to the seafood industry. We meticulously track market trends, consumer preferences, and supply-demand dynamics to provide our clients with up-to-date insights. Through thorough research, data analysis, and industry connections, we offer a clear picture of the current seafood market landscape, enabling our clients to make informed decisions and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Trend Forecasts

With a keen eye on the evolving seafood sector, our team excels at predicting future trends within the industry. By closely monitoring shifts in consumer behaviour, technological advancements, and global socio-economic factors, we provide accurate trend forecasts. This empowers our clients to customize their requirements, and stay ahead of the curve in the competitive seafood market.

Organoleptic Quality Inspection

Ensuring exceptional quality is our priority. We insist on organoleptic quality inspection, employing sensory analysis techniques to assess the texture and appearance of seafood products. Our experts use their finely tuned senses to evaluate freshness and overall quality, also product and packaging is adhered to the specifications set forth by customer ensuring that only the finest products are delivered to our clients.

Factory Audit

Our experts conduct rigorous factory audits to ensure that seafood processing facilities adhere to the highest standards of hygiene, safety, and compliance. Through comprehensive assessments of production processes, equipment, and sanitation practices, we verify that all operations meet regulatory requirements. This guarantees the delivery of safe and high-quality seafood products.

Loading Supervision

Loading supervision is an integral aspect of our services, ensuring that seafood products are handled and loaded correctly for transportation. Our experts oversee the loading process, verifying that proper handling procedures are followed to maintain product integrity during transit. This meticulous attention to detail minimizes the risk of damage and spoilage, guaranteeing that products reach their destination in optimal condition.


Navigating the complex aspects of the seafood industry is a cornerstone of our expertise. We specialize in preparing and reviewing all necessary documentation, including permits, licenses, import/export regulations, and compliance certificates. By meticulously handling matters, we ensure smooth and lawful transactions for our clients across international borders.

Price & Quantity Negotiation

Our skilled negotiators specialize in securing favourable pricing and quantities for seafood products. Leveraging market insights and extensive industry connections, we engage in negotiations on behalf of our clients to achieve the best possible deals. Whether it's sourcing raw materials or final products, our expertise helps clients strike advantageous agreements that align with their business goals.

Wide and Strong Network

With an expansive and robust network in the seafood industry, our agent is well-connected to key players, suppliers, distributors, and regulatory authorities. This network enables us to source premium seafood, establish strategic partnerships, and facilitate seamless international trade. Our connections are a valuable asset, enhancing our ability to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to our clients' specific needs on time.