Welcome to Ocean Pearl Fisheries Trading

We are a group of sea food professionals in business, who have vast and thorough knowledge about seafood and the business across globe.

We started our business, with the focussed objective of exporting high quality frozen seafood in bulk quantities as a sea food sourcing agent in the year 2001 from Cochin with name NEXGEN CONSULTANCY SERVICES. We have been into this core business and the main focus of our successive expansion has been to export high quality frozen seafood.

Since then, with the objective of exapanding our procurement network and operations, we have opened branches in three other major sea food cities in India at Kolkata, Bhimavaram and Veraval.

In the year 2007, we opened a trading office in Dubai - under a new brand, named as OCEAN PEARL FISHERIES TRADING. In the year 2011, we opened a branch office in Yangon, Myanmar. Ocean Pearl now has a global presence and reachability with offices around at major catchment areas.

In year 2012- we changed name to Ocean Pearl and all our operations are now, known under the single brand - Ocean Pearl to facilitate communication and operation with ease.

With our highly professional and ethical business practice, we have been successfully working as buyers representative for importers across all continents.

Our strong market presence in Europe, Japan, Vietnam, China, Indonesia and Middle East etc and our strategically located offices in Asia help us to have an easy access to the scattered raw material sources as well as various buyers from all over the globe.

We source material from all seven oceans covering South America ,USA ,West Africa, India, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, UAE, Greece, Holland etc.

With our experience, professional approach and quality control measures, we guarantee all the shipments for quality and specification.

Products Handled

Shrimps - All type shrimps and prawns including Head ON, Headless, PUD (both raw and blanched). Fullcut PD of Black Tiger, Vannamei, Pink Brown, Flower, White, Bamboo etc.

Shrimps - Whole, Cleaned, Tubes, Rings and Tentacle, Cut Squid, Stuffed Squid

Cuttle Fish - Whole, Cleaned and fillets.

Octopus - ink off ,eyes off, beak off- All size from 20gram- 1000gram

Loabsters - Sand loabster and Rock loabster cooked and raw

Surumi - Crab sticks,Crab Claws, Loabster tails, Shrimp tails etc

Fishes - Grouper, Pomfret, Ribbon Fish, Croaker, King Fish, Snapper, Emperor, Red Mullet etc.

Fish Fillets – Yellow Fin Sole, Allaskan Pollock, Pangasius, Saith, Atlantic cod, Chum Salmon, Pink Salmon, Pacific Cod, Pacific Ocean Perch and Tilapia

Quality Control

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals in our Quality Control Department. They have through knowledge in product as well as quality. They attend online inspection as well as finished product inspection and also supervise loading in to containers.Inspection Photos, reports, loading Photos and reports – all are sent to customers .


Our specialties and services

We handle only frozen sea foods and we are specialised professionals in this business.

Thorough, comprehensive inspection and certification of EVERY container shipped by Ocean Pearl Quality Assurance teams ensuring Unmatched Quality Control standards, at each regional location.

Experienced personnel handling Quality Control, documents, Negotiation, sourcing etc. under different departments.

Own quality controllers are well-trained and experts in quality and seafood processing and Quality control.

Direct monitoring by the management from shipping lines from scheduling of shipments to loading of cargo through to delivery at final destination

Market information and market intelligence to buyers.

Information of overseas market fluctuations and changes to suppliers.

Getting offers and sourcing products for customers from various supply countries. Any product, we will source it for you .

Online Quality control (for special products), Cargo inspection before loading and container stuffing inspections for each container.

Photos of Inspections and loading, reports of inspection and loading for all containers .

Perfect documentation advise and support including labeling

Post shipment follow up of container and tracking to ensure cargo is on schedule and documents reach on time.

Personalised care for buyer and supplier and long time relations .

Operations & Delivery

Greece – Asian hand for Kontoveros SA Greece. We source products for our clients from our trusted exporters.

Japan – We source raw materials for leading manufactures in Japan like Tokyo Sea Foods, Toksui Corporation etc.

Middle East- We are trusted aide for most of the seafood importing firms based in the Middle East and Gulf.

Vietnam and China – Sourcing Raw Material from India to our Vietnamese and Chinese principals/ Customers